Juju 3 - cannot refresh charms


we have noticed strange issue with charm refresh on juju 3+ deployment. There seems to be this new feature that tracks whether there is new charm revision available in the channel. Not sure how often this update is pulled (might take an hour or few for it to pop up). If there is a new revision found charm revision number gets highlighted in juju status.

The core of the issue is that once the highlight appears we are not able to run refresh anymore.

ubuntu@juju-dev--multipass-juju:~$ juju refresh rsyslog-forwarder
ERROR already exists

To reproduce this one has to deploy older version of a charm and then wait for juju to fetch revisions and mark that the newer one exists.

Which version of the juju controller specifically is this seen with? Please file a bug on launchpad

Tracking of new charm revisions has been available for a very long time back into juju 2.0 and maybe before.

@hmlanigan thanks. Reported here Bug #2012700 “Juju 3 - cannot refresh charms after revision trac...” : Bugs : Canonical Juju

Btw do you know if there is any way how to trigger the tracking checks more often so it would be easier to reproduce?

There is a wrench (a juju dev tool embedded in juju) which will do it. This will set the interval to 10 seconds, it defaults to 24 hours, with a jitter which may make it longer.

It’s easier in a single juju controller config than ha:

  1. Add a file to the controller /var/lib/juju/wrench/charmrevision. This will be a new directory.
  2. The contents of the file will be shortinterval.
  3. Restart jujud on the controller: sudo systemctl restart jujud-machine-0.

To remove, delete the file.

28-Mar: corrected filename in step 1.