Juju 3.6/stable doesnt support ubuntu18.04 and ubuntu 16.-04 ?


I have fresh installed juju 3.6 /stable and deployed openstack. then we tried to deploy nagios in ubuntu 18.04. the juju throws the following error :

maas@pc-01-maas-01:~$ juju deploy nagios -n 1 --to lxd:0 --base ubuntu@18.04 ERROR the charm defined bases “ubuntu@18.04, ubuntu@16.04” not supported ERROR failed to deploy charm “nagios”

@jack-shaw might give is better insights here


Yes this is the case. Juju has not supported deploying workloads to ubuntu@16.04 or ubuntu@18.04 since juju 3.0.

Doesn’t look like the charm supports any versions after 18.04 either.

You have some options:

  • Deploy with --force to ubuntu@20.04 or ubuntu@22.04. Not recommended, and there’s a good chance the deployment won’t succeed
  • Deploy with Juju 2.9 (which is ‘LTS’, but only receiving security updates). Not recommended
  • Ask the charm authors to update Nagios to support ubuntu@20.04 or ubuntu@22.04

Hi Jack,

Thanks for your reply. Can we downgrade the juju version from 3.6 to 2.9 ? if we downgrade, it will impact any running charms ?

For good reasons, you can’t downgrade a controller or model.