Juju 2.7.1 Release Notes

The Juju team is proud to release Juju 2.7.1!

This is a bug fix release of the stable 2.7 channel.

Cross Model Relations support application settings

Juju 2.7.0 introduced support for application level relation settings.
Cross model relations now supports charms using this feature.

Improved upgrade checks for HA mongo

Upgrading HA controllers require the mongo replicaset to be healthy or unexpected and bad results may occur. Juju upgrades now perform this check, plus allow the status of the replicaset to be seen in the engine report and metrics.

$ juju_metrics | grep peer
Querying @jujud-machine-1 introspection socket: /metrics/
# HELP juju_peergrouper_replicaset_status The details of the mongo replicaset.
# TYPE juju_peergrouper_replicaset_status gauge
juju_peergrouper_replicaset_status{address="",id="1",state="SECONDARY"} 1
juju_peergrouper_replicaset_status{address="",id="2",state="PRIMARY"} 1
juju_peergrouper_replicaset_status{address="",id="3",state="SECONDARY"} 1

$ juju_engine_report | grep -A 21 peer-grouper
Querying @jujud-machine-1 introspection socket: /depengine
    - agent
    - clock
    - controller-port
    - state
    - upgrade-steps-flag
    - upgrade-check-flag
          state: SECONDARY
          state: PRIMARY
          state: SECONDARY
    start-count: 1
    started: "2019-12-17 04:24:30"
    state: started

Other bug fixes

  • LP #1855956 - juju upgrade-model with HA controllers needs to confirm that Mongo replicaset is good before starting
  • LP #1855974 - Need a means to monitor the state of juju-db replication
  • LP #1854510 - Constraints for zone and root-disk-source don’t show up in bundle export
  • LP #1855084 - error message when running action with --wait

Additional bugs fixed can be found in the milestone page.

How do I get it?

The best way to get your hands on this release of Juju is to install it as a snap:

sudo snap install juju --classic

Other packages are available for a variety of platforms, including Windows and macOS. Please see the online documentation at https://docs.jujucharms.com/reference-install. Those subscribed to a snap channel should be automatically upgraded. If you’re using the PPA or Homebrew for macOS, you should see an upgrade available.

Feedback Appreciated!

We encourage everyone to let us know how you’re using Juju. Please ask questions on on Discourse, send us a message on Twitter using the hashtag #jujucharms, and chat with us at #juju on Freenode.

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@martin-hilton will it be possible to add aws controllers to jimm now?