Juju 2.7.0 Release Notes

The Juju team is pleased to announce the release of Juju 2.7.0

The 2.7.0 release will deliver important new features and bug fixes. We support upgrading controllers and models from the beta to the final 2.7 release. If you upgrade a model to this release, it will support upgrading to 2.7.0 when it is released.

Major changes

Enhanced Kubernetes Support

Kubernetes support continues to mature. We are aiming to make Juju the simplest way to deploy and manage your container-centric workloads.

Cloud usability and credential management

Heavy development has taken place relating to credential and cloud management. We hope that this area is now more intuitive and easier to learn.

Networking enhancements

Networking was updated to allow for the idea of altering the endpoint binding of an application to facilitate growing and changing networks. This includes the use of a new juju bind command along with updates to the juju upgrade-charm --bind usage. Heavy refactoring in this area has increased area and is expected to make it easier to support several planned features, such as spaces support in all providers.

New features added to Juju bundles

Bundles now support the trust mechanism to delegate credential access to charms and cross-model relations to establish multi-model deployments.

Further details

Install Juju

snap install juju --classic

Feedback Appreciated

Let us know how you’re using Juju :juju: or of any questions you may have. You can join us on Discourse, send us a message on Twitter (hashtag #juju_devops, account @juju_devops), or talk to us in the #juju IRC channel on freenode.