Juju 2.6.3 Release Notes

The Juju team is proud to release Juju 2.6.3!

This is a point release to the stable 2.6 series of Juju.

Deprecation of old series

Going forward, Juju will start to show errors for series that are no longer supported, this is in line with the
lifecycle and release cadence of Ubuntu. You can see more information about this in the following discourse post.

This release includes more important fixes

  • #1829559 - cannot deploy with manual provider
  • #1829393 - model upgrade tries to upgrade the lxd profile of kvms
  • #1829044 - juju metadata generate image broken
  • #1829512 - cannot “open-port icmp” on GCE
  • #1829750 - can’t open ports on GCE if multipe machine numbers start with the same digit
  • #1768857 - It’s possible to add two models with same name on different k8s
  • #1576301 - Cryptic error message if Juju uses the wrong json file from GCE
  • #1830216 - undertaker worker failing to destroy storage because of bad cloud credentials
  • #1828870 - [k8s] Cannot remove model and cluster after trying to manage a cluster with a non-reachable controller
  • #1829423 - k8s model won’t die
  • #1830292 - juju remove-application --force fails when offers are available
  • #1830452 - Cannot bootstrap vSphere without specifying a datastore
  • #1830259 - upgrade-charm --force-units does not upgrade k8s charm
  • #1822117 - Models with invalid credential reflect it in status

Additional bugs fixed can be found in the milestone page.

How do I get it?

The best way to get your hands on this release of Juju is to install it as a
snap package

sudo snap install juju --classic

Other packages are available for a variety of platforms. Please see the online documentation at https://docs.jujucharms.com/reference-install. Those subscribed to a snap channel should be automatically upgraded. If you’re using the ppa or homebrew, you should see an upgrade available.

Feedback Appreciated!

We encourage everyone to let us know how you’re using Juju. Join us on Discourse at https://discourse.jujucharms.com/, send us a message on Twitter using the hashtag #jujucharms, and join us at #juju on freenode.