Juju 2.5.8 Release Notes

The Juju team is proud to release Juju 2.5.8!

This is a bugfix release. If your models and/or controllers are using the Juju 2.5, we strongly recommend upgrading. Instructions are provided below.

Bug Fixes

  • LP #1827009 - Machine agent randomly uninstalled itself
  • LP #1827664 - Juju agents spew logs on ENOSPC
  • LP #1781096 - “model-upgrader” manifold worker returned unexpected error: model has been removed
  • LP #1814079 - k8s application is leaderless
  • LP #1822117 - Credential validity is not exposed
  • LP #1824465 - New units fail provisioning; juju 2.5.x switches to the Standard SKU on Azure
  • LP #1828972 - Stored vs Instance Reported Address Comparison Causes Repeated Address Updates
  • LP #1830390 - Cannot bootstrap to Oracle OCI
  • LP #1833155 - Cloud provider authentication failures resulting in memory/goroutine leak
  • LP #1829559 - cannot deploy with manual provider
  • LP #1831527 - odd error messages are printed with kill-controller on GCE
  • LP #1832424 - leadership flapping on units of same application across models

Additional bugs fixed can be found in the milestone page.

How do I upgrade?

Upgrades are able to be carried out from the command line. The first step is to upgrade your controller model, then each of your other models. If you are unsure of your models’ names, then execute juju models for a list.

From Juju 2.5

juju upgrade-controller --agent-version 2.5.8
juju upgrade-juju -m <model-name> --agent-version 2.5.8

From Juju 2.4

juju upgrade-juju -m controller --agent-version 2.5.8
juju upgrade-juju -m <model-name> --agent-version 2.5.8

How do I get it?

If you are new to Juju, we recommend that you install Juju 2.6. This release is intended for users who are maintaining their current systems.

The best way to get your hands on this release of Juju is to install it as a snap package:

sudo snap install juju --classic --channel=2.5/stable

Please read our official documentation for other options.

Feedback Appreciated!

We encourage everyone to let us know how you’re using Juju. Please ask questions on on Discourse, send us a message on Twitter using the hashtag #jujucharms, and chat with us at #juju on Freenode.

Thanks to the following people for contributing bug fixes for this release: @achilleasa, @anastasia-macmood, @babbageclunk, @manadart, @simonrichardson, @timClicks, @thumper :sunny:

Thanks also to the following people who helped behind the scenes at Canonical for getting the release out the door: @babbageclunk, @jameinel, @simonrichardson, @hmlanigan, @anastasia-macmood and @rick_h :medal_sports:


and big thank you to @timClicks too!!!