[Job offering] Development of juju charm for Nextcloud and cloud infrastructure


I’m one of the founders of https://dwellir.com and we are looking for two positions with a Juju relevancy:

1 x junior level dev/ops position to develop and maintain some of our services within the web3 Polkadot space. This position is a full time position in Sweden (Uppsala/Stockholm/Strängnäs). You will be trained by a crew of experienced mentors to learn how to build and maintain our infrastructure. This is MaaS, LXD, Ubuntu, Juju, crypto, etc.

1 x Project employment to develop a prototype authentication plugin for Nextcloud based on the “KILT” protocol. This is a time limited project, but would if successful most likely be continued. The work does not require any specific geographical location. The development work might be touching on javascript, Rust and/or php before we integrate it into the Nextcloud charm. This is to be discovered.

Reach out to me if you are interested.

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