JIMM K8s Charmhub review

We would like the JIMM k8s charm belonging to the Yellow squad to be searchable/visible on Charmub.
Just a note that the “Yellow squad” was traditionally used for the commercial-systems team in Canonical. We also have a newer commercial-systems team where ownership can be transferred if desired.

A note:
The charm is a private repo to make integration tests easier since the JIMM repo is private. The intention is that the charm repo will be made public when the source repo is made public.

Can you please help us to have it reviewed?

Charm Summary

(Taken from the charm readme)
JIMM is a extension of Juju, an open source orchestration engine, providing additional capabilities to your Juju environments. The JIMM K8s charm is the easiest and the recommended way to deploy JIMM. This charm installs and configures the JIMM server.

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Thanks for the review request @kian-parvin! @arturo-seijas can you please help with this review? You can go through and tick off the items on the checklist available hereand post the result in this thread. This prior listing request is an example of how to do it.

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Hi @kian-parvin , the link https://github.com/canonical/jimm-k8s-operator/pull/4 retuns a 404 for me. Is it possible that this is a private repostiory?

Hi @arturo-seijas, yes the charm is a private repository currently. I’ve quoted below the reason for that.

The longer explanation is that our source code repo is also private and Github does not allow pull-requests from forks to access repo secrets, and we need a repo secret for running the charm integration tests. This limitation will be removed once the source repo becomes public.

Thank you for the thorough review @arturo-seijas, can I take it that you’re done with your initial review? If so, I’ll get all the comments addressed and make a new review PR to hopefully complete the charm review.

Hi @kian-parvin , yes. I’m done. Let me know once its ready of if you want to discuss anything