`jhack` strictly confined snap available on edge!

jhack has been available for a while as a devmode snap. Since recently, a strictly confined snap is available on edge! Which means that everyone can use it more easily.

Enjoy access to the whole bounty of ‘tools that Pietro at some point thought would be useful’, ranging from sketchy prototypes (jinxes? what’s that about?) all the way to popular introspection machinery (show-relation, tail…).

Get it from the Snap Store


To fetch the edge snap:

sudo snap install jhack --channel edge

Jhack needs an interface called dot-local-share-juju to obtain write access to ~/.local/share/juju, which is the folder where your local juju client stores its state, including:

  • cloud credentials
  • what controllers are registered, which controller is current
  • what models are present on each controller, which model is current

sudo snap connect jhack:dot-local-share-juju snapd

If you see errors like:

ERROR cannot load ssh client keys: open /home/pietro/.local/share/juju/ssh: permission denied 
No relations found in model None.                                                            

Then you probably forgot to connect that plug.

It’s still edgy

This is a very early edge release, so don’t panic if you find errors, bugs, or weird crashes because the strict confinement prevents this python library from making that obscure system call. Please report any bugs you encounter via the github issues tracker.

Don’t forget to LOGLEVEL=DEBUG <your jhack command to reproduce> and include the output.

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