JAAS ux scenario where version switches


For some context,

  • I used juju to bootstrap an aws ec2 instance and created a controller.
  • I then went to jaas.io to register the controller.


  • jaas.io opens up with 0.9.2(this was signed in with my ubunto sso).
  • After registering the controller, I selected the step of Visit [the controller] to accept the certificate on this controller to enable a secure connection (with the SSL cert being aceepted as ticked)
  • Before I could click register, it opened another tab of jaas.io (I then signed in with my ec2 instance info) with a version of 0.8.1

I was just wondering why this version change was happening and if it is intended at the moment?

P.S When I tried to do this previously, the webpage errored out when I clicked register. I did not try clearing my cookies and cache on that attempt but I switched my browser from chrome to safari.

Client setup info: m1 mac running multipass with ubuntu 21.10