[JaaS/Juju feedback survey] Bring your experience to our dashboard design!

Hi there,

This is Zihe, UX designer of Juju dashboard in the Web & design team.

Our team has been working hard on providing organized views over models to unit details, and adding actionable features to the dashboard from the Juju CLI.

We would like to invite all Juju users to participate in this short survey and help us build a better Juju dashboard user experience.


The purpose of this survey is

  1. to identify principle/secondary pieces of information in your day-to-day use, so we can provide a clean but essential view on the dashboard;
  2. to widely gather usage habits around ‘creating offers’, ‘managing relations and CMR’ and ‘running Juju actions’, so we can better position our new features to maximize your ease

The survey would take around 5 minutes.

Any problem / other feedback please contact me:
Mattermost: ziheliu214

Thank you all :blush::sun_with_face:


I just filled it in. Great work getting this survey out.