Issue upgrading Openstack Charms after move to charmstore

Hi, i am running a bionic-ussuri cloud, i have an issue upgrading some charms. For exemple the neutron-api charm is in channel stable rev 304, on the charmstore and with the “juju info --series bionic neutron-api” i see the latest version is 501.

If i run juju upgrade-charm neutron-api it says :

charm “neutron-api”: already up-to-date

It tried doing : juju upgrade-charm --switch but still same result

When i try to specify the channel by running:

juju refresh --switch ch:neutron-api --channel=latest/stable neutron-api

i get the following error:

ERROR retry resolving with preferred channel: selecting releases: unknown series for version: "22.10"

Any idea why is this happening and it is happening to many other charms aodh, ceilometer etc… Thx guys. Rony

Hi Rony.

This should work for you:

juju refresh --switch ch:neutron-api --channel ussuri/edge neutron-api

However, you may want to wait until the OpenStack team’s internal testing is complete. I am looking into getting the edge risk level of many tracks (e.g. ussuri, victoria, etc) promoted to candidate.

Thx @pmatulis so much for your reply, i should probably wait as you suggested.