Is there a future planned for an Openstack Magnum charm?

Hello, I’ve been using Juju for Openstack deployments now for a few months. The last successful install that I’ve done was of Wallaby if memory serves me. I used an openstack-charmers-next magnum charm and with some effort I was able to deploy the charm though it didn’t work out of the box. I did report a bug or two but I am wondering if it’s even worth it to try and continue to use Magnum? I didn’t get the impression that it had a future, when I reported the bug it was mentioned that I was using an unreleased charm version, and it still appears to be unreleased now.

I have been working on a Xena charmed install and I have been having even more difficulties.

I recently hit this issue: which has been open about a month. It’s not that I can’t work around it, but I just want to get my Kubernetes cluster completed and every time I find a problem it takes hours to work through.

Is there a matrix of what is actually supported as a charm for openstack xena? I don’t want to use heat and magnum if there is a more tested option for Kubernetes deployment. Is there a Slack channel for discussions about openstack charms that anyone can point me to?

Hi Dan,

The bug I believe you must be referring to is LP #1943385. What went unsaid there was that the magnum charm itself has a status of tech-preview (see here), in addition to you using the development version. This means unfortunately that it is not a supported charm. I will ask around as to what the plans are with respect to promoting the charm to stable status.

We do not have a matrix of supported charms vs OpenStack releases. Generally speaking, a stable charm works with all currently supported OpenStack releases unless stated otherwise in its README file. For instance, the magnum charm needs at least OpenStack Ussuri (so Xena is theoretically covered).

Creating a post in this forum (and tagging it with ‘openstack’ as you’ve done) is actually the best way to ask such questions. So well done there.

Hi Dan

Just to add a slight bit of nuance to the reply by @pmatulis , the magnum & magnum-dashboard charms are supported; they have not, however, reached the level of testing and maturity to be promoted out of tech-preview. But this, in itself, is a little bit nebulous, as it’s really only a pointer than the charm(s) might not yet be suitable for production environments. So the experience you may get with tech-preview charms may not be on a level with the core OpenStack charms such as keystone, nova-compute, etc.

As tech-preview charms, we’d really welcome more testing of magnum and magnum-dashboard and understand how it’s being used and what problems you might be hitting. Definitely raise bugs, and also note workarounds that you know work, but ought to be in the charms. If possible, please feel free to submit patches as well.

The magnum charms are still being released as part of the OpenStack charm set (but in the ~openstack-charmers namespace on So if there are problems on xena, it probably means that are CI tests aren’t covering an issue that you are encountering.

Discussions around OpenStack charms are possible in a number of places, the OpenStack discuss mailing list using [charms] as a prefix in the subject, here tagging with openstack, and on IRC on OFTC in the #openstack-charms channel, depending on your communications preference.

As a final thought, another mechanism to get Kubernetes running on top of OpenStack is to used Charmed Kubernetes on OpenStack which may be a possibility for you? It may not be as integrated, but might provide the features that you need?