Is Juju an appropriate technology for home server use?

Hi there!

I’ve got a bunch of services that have accumulated on my home server - SMTP, IMAP, a matrix homeserver + a couple of bridges, borg backup storage, and so on.

I’d like to move this from its existing evolved-over-time state into something more managed & managable, with the ability to maybe migrate it sensibly to a different box.

It seems like Juju, charms, and LXD would be a reasonable fit for this; is that likely to be sensible? Is anyone currently doing something small-scale like this?


@erik-lonroth has a bunch of home servers if I’m not wrong?


@RAOF indeed.

Welcome to jujuland.

I’m running tons of services on top of the stack you describe and have always found juju to be the only way to make my life manageable while at it.

LXD adds to this by introducing dynamics to it.

I have never looked back.


Any particular recommendation for someone who is interested, but still has no clue how to start?

Say, for example, good initial tutorials or how to deploy something without a written charm like jellyfin or vaultwarden. Any tip to avoid some overcomplication was well would help.


@victoitor oh, we host every friday community sessions where there are beginner sessions regulary.

This depends also a bit on your preference.

Is it lxd or juju or both you like to get started with?

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Somewhat started on LXD. Already running a server with some LXD containers, although I still feel like I have much to learn.

Have read and seen a bit on juju. Interested in the marketing I’ve seen, but most examples I’ve found are of cloud deployments or MAAS/LXD VMs.

I am interested in LXD container deployments mostly since my servers are quite cheap. My main initial goal was a ceph deployment inside LXD containers through juju. But if I like it, extend it to the services I’m already running.


Great to have you started. Juju can be daunting and a bit steep learning curve, but once you get hold of it - you never go back.

I would recommend attending the workshops on fridays to get started and learning.

Here is a link to this fridays workshop. We are bootstrapping Americas atm, but we also run EU workshops. [community event] Americas workshop: juju/lxd/kvm

@tmihoc @ppasotti @hmlanigan @hallback @mcjaeger are some that are frequent community participants and knows ways in and out of all this.


@victoitor This should be a good starting point: Juju | Get started with the Juju OLM

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