Is JAAS getting decommissioned ?

I’ve heard from some friends that JAAS is being decomissioned. Is that true or whats the deal?

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Hi Erik

Very much not true! JAAS is still alive and kicking, and we’re adding features and bug fixes at a greater pace than we have been for the past couple of years imo!

Hope this helps, Jon


It certainly does!

It seems like some fake news then! Thanx! JaaS is fantastic!

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To follow up on this: Canonical is going to decommission the public, hosted instance of JAAS that is currently at, but the product will absolutely continue on development, and still be deployable in to or estate (and ours!)

any chance this affects the JIMM controller version as well? I have not yet seen any way to upgrade my juju clients to 3.x due to JIMM being still on 2.x

Thanks Jon, Erik

Just got into my inbox and saw the following message … my question still stands but it DOES sound like I would need to move to a new controller instead of jimm ?

" JAAS account owner, Over the past years Canonical has decided to shift the focus of the JAAS product from a public, cloud hosted solution to a self hosted one, that ubuntu Pro users can use to manage. What is happening?

As of November 1 2023 Canonical will decommission the public instance of JAAS available at [Juju Dashboard] All models, applications and data that are currently managed through the public instance of JAAS will be permanently deleted. If you are still using the public instance of JAAS for personal or professional use you will need to migrate to a different cloud in advance of November 1 2023."

I am not hearing a confirmation but… taking this to mean that my usage of JIMM the public controller will need to come to a close.

if that’s the case I tried re-reading the latter instructions but… have one question

is it possible to spin up a controller in an LXD cloud … that controls models set in a AWS VPC ?? If so… that is fantastic news… and then I just go spin up a controller in our private cloud with a credential to manage EC2 instances up in AWS… BUT

BUT if that is not possible… then the only way I see to for forward is indeed go spin up a controller in AWS itself… hand it the credential to manage EC2 … this is quite a big shift in responsibility so… will take some time to get it properly landed…

Pasted below is the rest of this letter I got about the decommissioning

If you are actively using JAAS you can migrate your models to a cloud you control. You can find more information about how to manage Juju models in the dedicated documentation page. It is also strongly recommended not to add any new models, applications or machines to the public instance of JAAS moving forward.

EDIT: from what I can tell… it should be possible to create a controller on LXD… then add models pointed to my VPC … with credentials for AWS… so that’s very great news! just need some solid confirmation on the above.

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Yep you can add models for any cloud to a LXD-based controller!

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thanks @jnsgruk , I am in fact having issues migrating and posted over in LXD controller with AWS Credential perpetually "waiting for machine" - juju - Charmhub

Seems it’s the last mile of communication being stopped between the controller in LXD and the EC2 instance… even after I punch a hole in the security groups towards my ISP’s IP…

I may have to resort to hosting in AWS but securing that is much more daunting than I am able to tackle before the deadline.

If/when the jimm controller shuts down… am I correct in assuming the machines in EC2 will still stay up… they will just not receive any events from eachother nor have the juju ssh connection working…so as a failsale I’m adding my personal public keys to the authorized hosts

@emcp - I’ve managed to setup a TLS:ed controller in AWS for our own migration and I might be able to help.

@mthaddon and @alesstimec has helped me during a couple of weeks getting a 2.9 controller behind proper certs and I can probably assist you.

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