IS DevOps Team Updates - #12 2024

Pulse 12 of 2024

PaaS App Charmer :factory:

Chrony :clock1::

  • Working on the architecture and design of the new chrony charm
  • Initial charm repo bootstrapped.

Documentation :books:

  • Updated PaaS App Charmer tutorial in Discourse and Charm SDK docs
  • Discussed with various team members about their documentation practice, maintenance efforts and future needs, continuing discussions with the rest of the team in the upcoming pulse

DNS charm :beans:

  • Finished the merge process spec
  • Architecture spec needs more work around the election process
  • Implement multiple sources handling PR in review

GitHub Self-hosted runners :running_man:

  • Finish the repo-policy-compliance deployment for runners on Openstack cloud
    • Arm edge runners are using it, all prepared for non-edge runners, but postponed deployment due to instability of arm deployment.
  • Finish the github-runner-webhook-router deployment
    • Staging deployment completed, prod deployment missing organisational webhook, ticket pending
  • Fix the rate limit issue for repo-policy-compliance
    • Increased reconciliation interval to reduce rate-limit issues, improved error message for the users
  • Start with forwarding webhooks to the mq for the github-runner-webhook-router
    • Started, dev is ongoing
  • Alert logging on state discrepancy with Github vs Openstack/LXD
    • PR in review
  • Integration with image builder charm
    • In progress, Image builder done
  • Merge the OpenStack PR (unit test, integration test, e2e test on arm64, X64)
    • In-progress. The arm64 instability was causing various issues that needs to be fixed.
  • Finish the spec for github-runner charm interface design
    • Initial review done, initial approval given. The spec is updated according to the review. Final review/approval still needed.

Indico :calendar:

  • Some updates to TLS to fix intermittent issues sending email, introduced with upstream change in April.

Synapse :spider_web:

  • Fixing horizontal scaling issues
  • Test S3 integration & horizontal scaling
  • Find & test a workaround for ident server

Netbox :package:

Penpot :pen:

  • Project repo created, and some initial specs/designs started.

Thanks! Please let us know if you have questions about any of these.