IS Charms Team Updates - Weeks #13-14 2023

Here’s a summary of the work done from 2023-03-23 - 2023-04-07 by IS and the IS Charms team related to juju and charming:

Highlights :fireworks::

  • Hello-kubecon charm now uses Traefik instead of Nginx ingress integrator for ingress.
  • WordPress revision 15 released to edge, migrating from ingress relation to nginx-route relation
  • Discourse revision 19 released to edge, fixing the asset problem
  • Released a new revision of GitHub runner charm which includes fix to removal of runners, and fix to PATH-related issues with Python pip installed packages. This new revision is deployed to ProdStack 5.

Features and PRs :mechanical_arm::

  • Added badges to check GitHub workflows status. You can check them in “Charm Engineering Releases” page here.
  • Updated upload-charm-docs to ensure that community contributions are not overridden. There is an issue with the current method which will require a further change. The action will work fine in a feature branch using the dry run mode. It will not work as intended when it is run from the default branch.
  • Updated Discourse docs for the upcoming changes in charmhub

Bugs and Fixes :wrench::