IS Charms Team Updates - Week # 16 2023

This week there has been updates to repo-policy-compliance on the policy required to use self-hosted runners managed by the github-runner-operator. For tooling, we have improved the upload-charm-docs support of discourse features. On the charm side, jenkins-k8s charm supports proxy configuration from the juju model, and the Synapse operator now includes Grafana integration.


Supporting Tooling

  • Added support for hidden items on the contents index on upload-charm-docs/ gatekeeper
  • Fixed an issue with upload-charm-docs/ gatekeeper where the navigation table was not correctly removed during migration if the [details=…]…[/details] feature was used
  • Changed the default for policies on repo-policy-compliance to be enabled rather than disabled
  • Removed the need for past commits to be signed for workflow dispatch and push events since this check was based on the default branch and some branches may permanently diverge from the default branch (e.g., to maintain an LTS version)
  • Fixed a bug with the repo-policy-compliance for the GitHub runners that did not gracefully handle the case where branch protections are enabled but pull request reviews are not required


  • Opened an issue concerning CMR with postgresql on a openstack substrate.
  • Created basic functionality for an Indico plugin that supports SAML groups.