IS Charms Team Updates - Pulse #5 2024

Hello :wave: everyone, here’s a report of pulse 5 for IS DevOps.


  • Implement 12-factor User Experience Enhancement for Flask.
  • Publish the first 12-factor toolchain tutorial on Charm SDK document site with the documentation team.
  • Resolve the differences in the Django 12-factor charm vs Flask 12-factor charm.
  • Implementing the redis and mongodb integrations.


  • COS integration.
  • Migrations are executed on the leader, whereas juju does upgrade by highest unit number first (IDS-1516).

DNS charm

GitHub Self-hosted runners

  • Remove proxy vars.
  • Migrate all state to


  • Event manager allowing participants to change their registration past the deadline.


  • Jenkins-k8s: Implement agent discovery with ingress.


  • Integration with Redis.
  • Fixed bug on charm state created in init and and for updating admin access token.
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