IS Charms Team Updates - Pulse #4 2023

On pulse #4 we’ve continued to implement various features for our existing charms like migrating MAAS for Discourse or fixing tmate for the Github runners. Thank you team members for your dedication this pulse! Read more below.


  • charmcraft init/extension, rockcraft init/extension has been done
  • publish the first 12-factor toolchain tutorial on Charm SDK document site with the documentation team
  • resolve the differences in the Django 12-factor charm vs Flask 12-factor charm
  • implementing the redis and mongodb integrations


Charming improvements

  • Finish managing changelog spec
    • In-progress. Focus on github-runner integration with openstack first.


DNS charm

  • Deployment with IS automation httprequest lego provider (ongoing testing in production)

GitHub Self-hosted runners

  • Deploy bugfix for tmate hanging action
  • Integrate openstack with github-runner
  • Remove proxy vars
  • Deploy arm runners
  • Building runner image for OpenStack


  • Redirect to current page after session refresh.


  • Start with Federation on internal proxy
  • IRC Bridge implementation
  • POC of GDPR cleanup/content scanning
  • Backup and Restore implementation
  • change media storage path
  • Synapse stats exporter
  • Update synapse to the latest version
  • Split the the integration tests
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