IS Charms Team Updates - Pulse #23 2023

Hello :wave: everyone, here’s a report of pulse 23 for IS DevOps.

12 Factor charm

  • Land charmcraft extension PR
  • Refactor the template and publish library on pypi (waiting for the extension PR to be merged and final design of a spec for the contents of to be finalized)
  • Discuss with the documentation team on how to document the charm (e.g., Canonical Observability Stack) week

GitHub Self-hosted Runners

  • SCTP support draft PR available
  • Implement fix for setup-node and rockcraft bugs - PR in review
  • Install aproxy by default - PR in review


  • v2 ingress support
  • Persistent storage for config and plugins
  • Validate the Jenkins agent k8s charm configuration using pydantic


  • Finish upgrading Wordpress version to 6.4

Thanks and see you on the next pulse!