IS Charms Team Updates - Pulse 2024#1

Pulse 1 of 2024

First pulse of the Year


  • support the documentation team on the 12-factor documents
    • result: talked with the documentation team, we will publish the first 12-factor tutorial on Charm SDK document site
  • finalize the Django 12-factor charm spec
    • result: still in discussion
  • finalize the first version of xiilib including all the CI/CD pipelines with the deprecation of flask-k8s repository
  • fix the issue with rockcraft snap
    • result: done
  • issue with env var requirement (for web team)
    • result: done



GitHub Self-hosted runners

  • Merge and deploy tmate-ssh-server with GitHub runner charm
    • result: PR opened, under review, e2e test to be written.
  • Support scaling tmate-ssh-server
    • result: To be continued.
  • Openstack implementation of the charm
    • result: To be continued.
  • Mount volume on charm as root-disk for runner
    • result: PR in review
  • Integration test with proxied environment
    • result: Done
  • create a simple charm for the new Github runner manager, and deployed for some arm64 runners.
    • result: the simple charm is created and deployed in the staging environment
  • COS improvements
    • result: done
  • added alert rules to grafana
    • result: done


  • Tested multiple containers with loki: (issue)
    • result: issue opened


  • Fix jenkins-agent-k8s set-port version failure, credential validation failure, remove-relation on no service
    • result: Deployed and tested.
  • machine agent charm refactoring
    • result: done


  • Update Mjolnir
    • result: done
  • Implement SMTP via the integrator charm (Synapse)
    • result: done
  • start with tf migration work of staging for Synapse
    • result: in progress


  • bug fix on saml-integrator
    • result: done
  • investigate cilium ingress on k8s
    • result: in progress
  • content-cache-k8s has been migrated to nginx-route (published in the edge channel)
    • result: done
  • nginx TLS support (published in the v2 channel)
    • result: done


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