IS Charms Team Updates - Pulse #13 2024

Pulse 13 of 2024

high level :high_brightness:

  • paas-app-charmer - Go Framework spec. Blocking on non optional integrations.
  • chrony - Finalize the specs and initial charm implementation.
  • dns bind charm - handle conflicts between sources; update the bind config on a time based setting (bind reload); start a spec on ACLs
  • documentation - Updates to PaaS App Charmer documentation; internal documentation dashboard
  • github runners - Merge openstack cloud PR to main, implement reactive.
  • https lego provider - Planned support for domain (config option).
  • indico - Theme update test and apply on prod.
  • netbox - Put a stable tag for Netbox (it currently follows development).
  • synapse - Continue with beta deployment (via GitOps); continue writing the machine charm for irc bridge (current state: moving unit tests, writing integration tests); write spec on the relation interface for Synapse plugins; finish horizontal scaling tests on staging; finish writing the DR plan
  • wordpress - Redeployment of staging to PS6, plan for redeployment of prod to PS6.
  • gateway-api-integrator - Raise unit test coverage, create gateway resource manager, refactor TLS module and charm state, create secret resource manager, create ingress relation.
  • penpot - Two specs finalizing; building the OCI image.

12-factor :factory:

  • Optional integrations. Block the charm when an integration is not optional and not integrated. (@javierdelapuente )
  • [Extra] Chiseling python3.10 and use it if base is bare
  • [Extra] Documentation for Rockcraft flask-framework plugin
  • [Extra] Better errors in flask-framework extension, with links to documentation

Documentation :books:

  • PaaS App Charmer documentation has been moved from GitHub repo to Google docs to collaborate on content. Some items (rockcraft/charmcraft tutorial, rockcraft reference) have already been updated. Next steps are to finish the documentation set and focus on a similar doc set for Django.

DNS charm :beans:

  • handle conflicts between sources

GitHub Self-hosted runners :running_man:

  • Finish the repo-policy-compliance deployment for runners on Openstack cloud (@bartz)
    • result: has been postponed due to arm instability issues
  • Finish the prod github-runner-webhook-router deployment (@bartz)
  • Integrate PS5 runners with COS PS6 (@bartz @mthaddon)
  • Repo-policy-compliance changes for private endpoint (@charlie4284)

Indico :calendar:

Synapse :spider_web:

  • Finish horizontal scaling tests on staging

Netbox :package:

Gateway API :bridge_at_night:

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