Incomplete relations: identity

Dear all, Please help on this case, I try to add-unit and remove-unit keystone to change the application to another machine, but i am facing the issue on relation. the identity service relation only have information on one side , for example:

juju show-unit keystone/5 show this relation :

juju show-unit cinder/0 show this relation:


  • relation-id: 158 endpoint: identity-service related-endpoint: identity-service application-data: {} related-units: keystone/5: in-scope: true data: egress-subnets: ingress-address: private-address:

And the status of cinder/0 show error like this

cinder/0* waiting idle 1/lxd/1 8776/tcp Incomplete relations: identity

Do I need run some hooks or action ?, or i have to set manually data for this relation ?

I think my case need a keystone bootstrap , do anyone know how to run keystone bootstrap on juju environment ?