In short words what is juju?

Hello! I´m new in this, I´m more in to finance to be honest! But I´m really open to know about more things. What is Juju in short words if you can describe it! I want to understand this world! I know a little about open Softwares, but it´s always good to get to know better this world.

Hi Alex, and welcome. Hopefully you’ve already looked over and done some reading and watched the video there. I like to explain it to my not-so-technical family and friends with something like, “Juju is a system that lets you type one command, and it automatically sets up dozens of web servers in the cloud and connects them together.” It’s not deep or even particularly accurate, but it conveys the basic idea.

For more technical people, I’ll say something about how it focusses on two things: 1) setting up cloud infrastructure in a cross-platform way, and 2) helping application integrate together nicely, for example web servers, databases, and observability tools.

Hope that helps!


Perfect! mor than clear. The technical way was easier to understand for me ahaha, thank you for the help! what kind of commands you can use? This data, what kind of data is? can be applied to finance?

Maybe this resonates?