How to use a virtual machine when using the lxd provider?


I am using Juju with the localhost/lxd provider. I see that lxd supports deploying virtual machines. Is there a suggested approach to provisioning virtual machines using the lxd provider through Juju?


We’ve recently changed the LXD container manager to use the Instance instead of Container flavours of LXD’s API.

This is preparatory work for eventually facilitating VMs via LXD, though when it will be prioritised is not yet clear.

We definitely want to do this, as it means we can remove the KVM manager that uses libvirt - we just do KVM via the LXD manager and drop a bunch of logic out of the code-base.


Thank you for the response @manadart! This is really exciting news!

hi @manadart , is there any spec or bug that I can keep an eye on to track progress of this?, because it would be really great to be able to spawn VMs on a LXD cluster via juju.

You can track JUJU-2143 in Jira.

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