How to test interface tests

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Suppose you have written an interface specification and its corresponding interface tests. You also have a charm, that implements the interface. You now want to verify that your charm would pass the interface tests, and you want to verify that the charm-relation-interfaces machinery correctly picks up and tests your charm.

This poses a chicken-and-egg problem because by default, your charm searches charm-relation-interfaces:main for the tests to run, and it won’t find any because you didn’t merge your PR yet. Conversely, clones your charm repo’s main branch in order to know what code to run the tests against.

Configure the charm to test against a specific charm-relation-interfaces branch

In order to instruct your charm to gather the tests from a specific branch of a custom repo, you need to configure the interface_tester fixture as follows:

import pytest
from interface_tester import InterfaceTester

def interface_tester(interface_tester: InterfaceTester):
        repo="",  # default = ""
        branch="mybranch",  # default = "main",
    yield interface_tester

[note]So long as the repo has the same folder structure as does (interfaces/interface-name/etc...), this will work! The interface testing machinery can be used with any repository containing interface specifications (with a given structure), not just charm-relation-interfaces`. [/note]

Configure your charm-relation-interfaces clone to test a specific charm branch

In order to instruct the matrix tester (or the collector) to clone a specific charm branch for testing, you need to editcharm-relation-interfaces/interfaces/myinterface/charms.yaml as follows:

providers:  # or "requirers"
  - name: mycharm
    branch: mybranch

Do that, and you should be able to run python ./ --include myinterface and test your charm at mybranch.

Configure your charm-relation-interfaces clone to fetch the interface_tester fixture from another place

By default, when charm-relation-interfaces clones your charm repo to obtain its tester configuration, it looks for it in <charm-root>/tests/interfaces/, and it assumes it is called interface_tester, overriding the one provided by the pytest-interface-tester plugin.

You can instruct the collector to obtain the fixture from another location, and another identifier, by editing charm-relation-interfaces/interfaces/myinterface/charms.yaml as follows:

providers:  # or "requirers"
  - name: mycharm
      identifier: mytester  # default: "interface_tester"
      location: "my/custom/interface/tests/folder/"  # default: "tests/interfaces/"

This will, essentially, instruct the test runner to do:

from <charm root>.my.custom.interface.tests.folder.file import mytester

Now, running interface-tester discover --include myinterface should show that you have a custom test setup configured:

  - v0:
    - charms:
       - mycharm ( custom_test_setup=yes

And, assuming the aforementioned import succeeds, you will also be able to run the interface test matrix against your charm:

$ tox -e run-interface-test-matrix  


$ python -m --include myinterface

Contributors: @ppasotti