How to report charm bugs

I have now (erroneously) reported two bugs against juju, which were actually bugs against charms. (e.g. Bug #1912644 “AttributeError: module 'platform' has no attribute...” : Bugs : juju and Bug #1914415 “Potential race condition leads to broken applicati...” : Bugs : juju)

Is there an easy way to file bugs against charms, so that the charm authors will take notice?

Looking at the Charmhub entry for one of the charms (e.g. Deploy Postgresql K8S using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection), there’s no clear way to contact the author, or visit the GitHub repo or web site of the charm’s source.

Hi Jonathan,

Sorry you’ve not been able to find this so far. We’ve filed to address this, but in the meantime we’ve been making sure to add a “Contributing/Hacking” documentation link to a number of our charms with these details (e.g. Deploy Mattermost using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection, Deploy Discourse using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection). We haven’t got around to doing that for PostgreSQL K8s yet, but we’ll make sure to do that very soon.

In the meantime the place to file bugs for this specific charm is Bugs : charm-k8s-postgresql.

Thanks, Tom

I really think we should have the project homepage (GitHub, etc) on each Charm page, as normally all the Stores/Hubs have. It’s quite hard to no be able to find the authors to report bugs or contribute with their project.