How to mirror


several charms need to fetch images from registry, where charm resources are used to fetch the contaienr image.

is there an easy way to mirror it in a local (on premise) docker registry?

Thank you for the question!

Ideally, the answer would be covered by the docs on working with Juju Offline, but I don’t believe that they directly address mirroring the registry.

@jameinel do we have any docs on best practices here? (This touches on a related question on deploying charms on top of charmed kubernetes when in an environment with restricted egress.)

yes, on the other thread i could find a configuration con containerd side, so it seems enough to have a local mirror.

for instance i could already mirror all the CDK internal images in order to deploy the k8s cluster. at the moment i just pulled on a gateway VM and pushed on a local registry, but of course it’s impossible to do it everyday and on a long list of images.

Thank you