How to deploy VMs on an LXD cloud?


When working with LXD clouds, juju deploy creates a container by default. But LXD allows one to create virtual machines as well.

There are some applications that don’t make much sense to runs as containers (see also [Feature request] Forbid LXD for some charms), so VMs for local development are essential.

How do I juju deploy applications as virtual machines on LXD?

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Typically for a local VM-based cloud, we deploy MAAS and use Pod VMs deployed by MAAS which used libvirt for deploying and managing the VMs. The Juju integration for LXD is container-only, as far as I’m aware.

Hi@ heitor

maybe About VM hosting (snap/3.1/UI) can help you.

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Thanks for the comments!

I was particularly interested in a local development setup, so deploying MAAS might be a bit “too much”?

We do use it in production, though, so it would be nice to heave as well…

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If this could be used somehow, it would be a real nice feature.

I’m working on figuring out how LXD profiles work if you are keen on learning more on this topic. How does LXD profiles really work?