How to deploy/integrate nginx ingress with Charmed-Kubernetes

I have deployed charmed-kubernetes and also deployed juju. I have also deployed a simple application in the cluster, now I want to expose my application on browser via ingress. I am unable to deploy ingress in the Charmed-Kubernetes Cluster. Here is the error I am facing.

:~$ juju deploy nginx-ingress-integrator

Located charm “nginx-ingress-integrator” in charm-hub, revision 81 Deploying “nginx-ingress-integrator” from charm-hub charm “nginx-ingress-integrator”, revision 81 in channel stable on ubuntu@20.04/stable ERROR Charm feature requirements cannot be met:

  • charm requires feature “k8s-api” but model does not support it

Feature descriptions:

  • “k8s-api”: the Kubernetes API lets charms query and manipulate the state of API objects in a Kubernetes cluster

Kindly Guide me.