How to create a VM with a fixed ip address (In Openstack)


i’m playing with juju and Openstack Cloud provider. I can deploy applications in VM and i could manage to add some contraints such as ram/cpu, flavour or disk. I would like to know if i can specify

a) the machine name, at the moment i have some juju-modelname-random_chars

b) the IP address the VM should have, in openstack it is often done by allocating a neutron port with a fixed-address and then attach it to the VM

Thank you

I do this with MAAS on modules NETWORK (IP-FIX) and TAGS (Names machines ) after commissioning the VM.

i would like not to use Maas at the moment, anything with juju?

A) You cannot specify a juju machine name. Machine names must be unique and only used once inside of juju. The name is juju-[short model uuid]-#, the number increments for each machine created in the model.

B) you cannot specify the IP address for a vm to have.

Can i ask for a RFE?

for instance if i show machine details i can read some fields such as:

 hostname: juju-906979-test-0
    ip-addresses: .....

i’m using Openstack provider

ubuntu@juju-client:~$ juju show-machine 0

model: k8s
      current: started
      since: 22 Apr 2022 11:43:48Z
      version: 2.9.28
    hostname: juju-906979-test-0
    instance-id: abaf3184-89da-4cd3-86e0-01d8abcfg97e

      current: running
      message: ACTIVE
      since: 22 Apr 2022 11:41:11Z

so for instance in a bundle i may want to do something like

    series: focal
    hostname: test-hostname
    instance-id: test-hostname
    constraints: root-disk=8G mem=8G root-disk-source=volume zones=west

thank you