How to consume multiple images in MAAS using Juju?


We are trying to use pre-baked images with Juju and MAAS. In our use case we need to have multiple images for each operating system available to use in different juju models. Is there a way to do this currently?

We have this open issue … but haven’t received any feedback.

Turning this over to @derek-omnivector and @heitor as they are the ones working on the project.

Possibly we need to have some input or discussion with the MAAS team about this too … idk


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Thanks James!

This feature would be a huge benefit to us at the moment. I’m still a bit baffled that Azure got Juju image selection before MAAS, since this would seem like a pretty obvious use case (Juju+MAAS with custom images).

Is there anything we can do to help get this rolling?