How to connect mlmd charm to kubeflow pipeline?

I have deployed mlmd via juju.

I need to config metdata connection for tfx pipeline:

metadata_config = tfx.orchestration.experimental.get_default_kubeflow_metadata_config()
    # metadata_config.mysql_db_service_host.value = 'mysql.kubeflow'
    # metadata_config.mysql_db_service_port.value = "3306"
    # metadata_config.mysql_db_name.value = "metadb"
    # metadata_config.mysql_db_user.value = "root"
    # metadata_config.mysql_db_password.value = ""
    metadata_config.grpc_config.grpc_service_host.value = 'metadata-grpc-service.kubeflow'
    metadata_config.grpc_config.grpc_service_port.value = '8080'

What host, port, name, user and password should I used for mlmd charm?

Here the list of services:

modeloperator                        ClusterIP    <none>         17071/TCP                               16d                                                                           
admission-webhook-operator           ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d                                                                           
argo-controller-operator             ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d                                                                           
argo-server-operator                 ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d                                                                           
dex-auth-endpoints                   ClusterIP      None             <none>         <none>                                  16d                                                                           
istio-ingressgateway                 ClusterIP    <none>         65535/TCP                               16d                                                                           
istio-ingressgateway-endpoints       ClusterIP      None             <none>         <none>                                  16d
istio-pilot                          ClusterIP    <none>         65535/TCP                               16d
istio-pilot-endpoints                ClusterIP      None             <none>         <none>                                  16d
jupyter-controller-operator          ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
jupyter-ui-operator                  ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
katib-controller-operator            ClusterIP    <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
admission-webhook                    ClusterIP   <none>         4443/TCP                                16d
katib-db-operator                    ClusterIP    <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
katib-db-manager-operator            ClusterIP     <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
katib-ui-operator                    ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
kubeflow-roles                       ClusterIP   <none>         65535/TCP                               16d
kubeflow-roles-endpoints             ClusterIP      None             <none>         <none>                                  16d
katib-db                             ClusterIP   <none>         3306/TCP                                16d
katib-db-endpoints                   ClusterIP      None             <none>         <none>                                  16d
kfp-profile-controller-operator      ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
kfp-api-operator                     ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
metacontroller-operator              ClusterIP   <none>         65535/TCP                               16d
metacontroller-operator-endpoints    ClusterIP      None             <none>         <none>                                  16d
kfp-db-operator                      ClusterIP    <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
jupyter-ui                           ClusterIP    <none>         5000/TCP                                16d
kfp-persistence-operator             ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
katib-controller                     ClusterIP   <none>         443/TCP,8080/TCP                        16d
kfp-schedwf-operator                 ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
training-operator                    ClusterIP    <none>         65535/TCP                               16d
training-operator-endpoints          ClusterIP      None             <none>         <none>                                  16d
kfp-db                               ClusterIP    <none>         3306/TCP                                16d
kfp-db-endpoints                     ClusterIP      None             <none>         <none>                                  16d
katib-db-manager                     ClusterIP    <none>         6789/TCP                                16d
katib-ui                             ClusterIP   <none>         8080/TCP                                16d
kfp-viewer-operator                  ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
kfp-viz-operator                     ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
kubeflow-dashboard-operator          ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
kfp-ui-operator                      ClusterIP    <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
tensorboard-controller-operator      ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
kubeflow-profiles-operator           ClusterIP    <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
seldon-controller-manager-operator   ClusterIP    <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
oidc-gatekeeper-operator             ClusterIP    <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
tensorboards-web-app-operator        ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
kubeflow-volumes-operator            ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
minio-operator                       ClusterIP   <none>         30666/TCP                               16d
kfp-viz                              ClusterIP   <none>         8888/TCP                                16d
seldon-controller-manager            ClusterIP   <none>         8080/TCP,4443/TCP                       16d
kubeflow-profiles                    ClusterIP   <none>         8080/TCP,8081/TCP                       16d
kfp-api                              ClusterIP   <none>         8888/TCP,8887/TCP                       16d
dex-auth                             ClusterIP    <none>         5556/TCP                                16d
istiod                               ClusterIP   <none>         15010/TCP,15012/TCP,443/TCP,15014/TCP   16d
seldon-webhook-service               ClusterIP   <none>         4443/TCP                                16d
istio-ingressgateway-workload        LoadBalancer   80:30988/TCP,443:32703/TCP              16d
oidc-gatekeeper                      ClusterIP   <none>         8080/TCP                                16d
kfp-ui                               ClusterIP   <none>         3000/TCP                                16d
kubeflow-dashboard                   ClusterIP   <none>         8082/TCP                                16d
kfp-profile-controller               ClusterIP   <none>         80/TCP                                  16d
tensorboard-controller               ClusterIP    <none>         9443/TCP                                16d
mlmd-operator                        ClusterIP    <none>         30666/TCP                               7d3h
metadata-grpc-service                ClusterIP    <none>         8080/TCP                                7d3h
mlmd                                 ClusterIP    <none>         8080/TCP                                7d3h
mlmd-endpoints                       ClusterIP      None             <none>         <none>                                  7d3h