How to access other Kubeflow UIs?

How do I access argo-ui, minio in a Charmed Kubeflow deployment?

I have an ingress giving me access to the Kubeflow dashboard at, but I’d like to also be able to do and I do not have any use for NodePort, port forward, or locally accessing the service - I need to expose the services using a domain name.

Hey @fidcuevas,

There is nothing built in to enable this at the moment. You can probably achieve this by creating some Istio VirtualServices of your own, but I’m not sure how they should be configured.

I’ll take this back as a feature request for the team.

Thanks for your reply. To be clear, I can access the minio dashboard locally (using a SOCKS proxy to the host machine), and while argo-ui returns a blank page, it seems I am reaching the service (there’s no documentation on the argo-ui charm page indicating how to access the service).

Ideally, I would be able to create a single ingress for kubeflow that exposes the different UIs. Right now it only exposes dex-auth, which obviously takes the user to the Kubeflow dashboard. It would be greater still if dex could be used to authenticate against all the services, though I have no idea if that’s technically feasible.