How do we get started with using bundles?

To give everyone some background: I managed to install Openstack via Juju and MAAS using the official guide here. Installed with the Focal release because I can’t go with the later versions due to the support limitations of Cisco ACI.

Now, I am trying to enable Openstack services like Manila, Designate and others, but it seems like we need bundles to make this happen. For example, here is the guide for the Manila service deployment. It basically points me to the openstack-base bundle page which has no instructions on how to even get started working with it.

Is there anyone here who knows where the guide/documents are on how can I use bundles?

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You don’t need to have bundles, but it’s probably the most convenient way to reproduce your environment later.

You can get a bundle from your live environment running the following command:

juju export-bundle --filename ./mybundle.yaml

Then you can edit as you need it to include manila as shown in the doc you pointed out, finally you can test what juju will do with:

juju deploy --dry-run ./mybundle.yaml

If you are OK with what changes juju will made, you can apply those running:

juju deploy ./mybundle.yaml

If you want a more detailed document about bundles check