How do I update Juju snap if it's always running?

this feels like a silly question but… since juju is always running … sudo snap refresh seems to just run over it and not upgrade…

I see a lot of background tasks and don’t want to just kill them for fear of breaking my setup… so is there a way to tell juju “go ahead” and upgrade yourself?

What in juju are you looking to upgrade? Client, controller, workload models?

Snaps by default upgrade themselves when a new version is available in the channel you’re tracking.

The juju client updates about once a month these days depending on the track used. The juju-db snap installed on controller machines rarely updates as to not disrupt exiting configs. There is no snap today for jujud running on juju machines.

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I guess I’m after the client and subsequently the controller

I’ve experienced with snaps like slack that I must close them before they can auto upgrade

This usually comes up as a prompt asking me to close … and then I perform the snap refresh command … but since juju is always running I worried I’ll have no way to “force” the upgrade…

Sounds like it should just work on reboots … and for the LXD controller do I need to do anything other than wait?

I saw in my status page I’m 1 version behind and I’d guess that that is the controllers version…

Unless you’ve changed settings in snap, the juju client snap will refresh when a change is pushed to the channel. No reboot required.

Upgrading the juju controller is done by the user. It won’t happen automagically as it’s usually a planned exercise. After a controller is updated, the remaining models for that controller would then be upgraded.

Details can be found in the upgrading things juju doc.

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