Help with Octavia errors related to neutron port security

Greetings Charmhub!

I’m trying to deploy Octavia to provide load balancing functionality in my Openstack cloud.
I’m doing this in preparation to use the Openstack Integrator charm so that Kubernetes clusters deployed inside of Openstack can figure out storage classes, and so that juju add-k8s my-openstack-k8s command will succeed … (that’s a mouth full, I know, I’m sorry)

I’ve been following this guide. After all the resources are deployed and all appears stable I’m running into these errors when (using either the dashboard or the cli) trying to deploy load balancers.

root@maas-01:~# lb_vip_port_id=$(openstack loadbalancer create -f value -c vip_port_id --name lb1 --vip-subnet-id 9bea90fd-00f2-4b8c-a47d-2a673b0306e0)
Provider 'amphora' reports error: Port security must be enabled on the VIP network. (HTTP 500) (Request-ID: req-451415de-7f28-4de0-8446-88ce00a411cb)

If I try enable port security on the network I smash my face against this error:

root@maas-01:~# openstack network set --enable-port-security 084d473d-340c-41cf-8504-bc2182ea01bc
BadRequestException: 400: Client Error for url: https://neutron-api.lab.devzero.home:9696/v2.0/networks/084d473d-340c-41cf-8504-bc2182ea01bc, Unrecognized attribute(s) 'port_security_enabled'

Can anyone help me out with what’s going on here?

Here’s a small dump of what the network and port configuration looks like

Port security is implemented as an optional driver in Neutron so its possible this feature is just not enabled for your deployment - check the enable-ml2-port-security configuration option on the neutron-api charm (assuming that your OpenStack is charmed deployed).

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Hey @james-page

Thanks for that!! I set it to true and now creating the load balancer is successful. :metal:t4:

Initial observation is that the load balancer comes into existence and reports operational, but I’m finding some inconsistent behavior and can’t use the services behind it.

Will be running some tests over the next few days. I’ll post my findings here for anyone else looking to play with Octavia… Maybe eventually I’ll actually get to the k8s part :rofl:

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I believe I’m probably running into this bug

We should complete verification soon for the bug that causes this issue

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