[help-needed] How to setup grafana with haproxy + ssl + authentication

I’m looking for a more complete guide on how to setup grafana with ssl + haproxy/nginx if there is such a guide.

I would also like to add 2FA to this as this would be a more complete solution for someone like me trying to get a solution like this exposed.

Anyone that has that kind of spellbook for me to share?

@aluria @joakimnyman

Hi Erik,

Thank you for raising the question. Not sure whether you are asking about the Grafana machine charm or the k8s charm part of COS?

I’m only able to answer for COS, where at the moment, this is unfortunately not something we have a guide for. We are currently working on adding support for ingresses (mainly using traefik-k8s) to the COS charms. As for SSL support, there are initiatives in motion for that as well, although nothing concrete yet.

For the machine charms that make up the LMA stack, maybe @mthaddon would be able to either answer or point you in the right direction?