Help need in deploying Charmed Kubeflow to AKS

I’m trying to setup Kubeflow setup in a Azure AKS cluste using charmed Kubeflow 1.7. I’ve created AKS cluster with Kubernetes 1.24.10 version. It has 2 nodes with 2 CPUs, 16 GB ram, 75 GB storage (Standard_E2ds_v4) each.

I have two issues while doing this set up.

Issue 1

tensorboard-controller is not starting and it’s showing Waiting for gateway info relation message. As many posts suggested I executed following,

juju run istio-pilot/0 "export JUJU_DISPATCH_PATH=hooks/config-changed; ./dispatch"

But it’s saying ERROR invalid unit or action name. (previous --unit option is not valid now)

Issue 2

I got following information by running : kubectl get service -n Kubeflow

istio-ingressgateway-workload   LoadBalancer    20.XX.XX.XX   80:31821/TCP,443:30441/TCP

Then I used following commands (with http and https both)

juju config dex-auth public-url=http://20.XX.XX.XX
juju config oidc-gatekeeper public-url=http://20.XX.XX.XX

But still, I cannot access the Kubeflow dashboard by the EXTERNEL_IP (20.XX.XX.XX). Are there any additional steps to take here on AKS specifically?

I followed Install Kubeflow on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) | Ubuntu tutorial and

kubectl patch role -n kubeflow istio-ingressgateway-operator -p '{"apiVersion":"","kind":"Role","metadata":{"name":"istio-ingressgateway-operator"},"rules":[{"apiGroups":["*"],"resources":["*"],"verbs":["*"]}]}'

Command is not working as well (with the error – Error from server (NotFound): "istio-ingressgateway-operator" not found)

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Hello. It is great you tried deploying Charmed Kubeflow on AKS. We are still looking into these problems.

If you look for a quick manner for deploying Charmed Kubeflow on a public cloud, there is a guide available for Kubeflow on EKS: Deploy Charmed Kubeflow to EKS | Documentation | Charmed Kubeflow