Future of Ceph charms, cephadm and containers?

Hey OpenStack charmers,

As cephadm is now the recommended upstream method of managing Ceph with services in containers (Podman or Docker) since v15 (Octopus), I was wondering what the plans are for the Ceph charms.

Will the Ceph charms be changed to use cephadm and containers underneath to follow the recommend upstream methods?

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The ceph charms are unlikely to be rewritten to use cephadm to manage a cluster, as that also decreases the security profile of the deployed ceph cluster (mon nodes can SSH to all other nodes with root).

That said, the recommended topology with the charms is to use LXD containers for all of the parts of the cluster with the exception of the OSDs.

Good to know. Thank you @chris.macnaughton!