Framework Team Updates - Week #7 2022

Maybe the ops framework team should start doing this weekly like the cool juju folk :sunglasses:

@pengale @ppasotti @jnsgruk


Good idea! Here’s what I did last week:

  • Wrote and published an Index of Charm Libraries.
  • Wrote and published StoredState: Uses, Limiations, summarizing what I believe are consensus best practices around tracking (or not tracking) local unit state.
  • Started to take a more active role in charm reviews (mysql-k8s, traefik, postgresql-patroni)
  • Had some conversations that clarified the OF’s testing philosophy, which will be reflected in work over the course of the year.
  • Drafted a doc on deferred events (and the Operator Framework’s event model in general).
  • Had a few conversations about a “serial ops” library that would offer a standard way to do things like rolling restarts. I plan to actually work on the implementation next week!