Framework Team Updates - Week #18 2022

@pedroleaoc @rwcarlsen @pengale @jnsgruk Add this week’s updates here.

Disclaimer: all of us were at the Copenhagen sprint.

This week I:

  • Attended the Induction Sprint in Copenhagen.
  • Fixed a bug in jhack utils show-relation.
  • Polished the typing PR
  • Started working on an educational bundle to get the onboarders started with live charm debugging.
  • Polished the “Tester charms for relation interfaces” spec.
  • Started polishing the “Relation data interface v2” spec.

This week, I …

  • Filled up my calendar with wall to wall meetings at the Roadmap Sprint. This wasn’t a bad thing! We got a lot done as a group, and I’m happy with our goals and clarity of purpose for the next cycle.
  • Found the local Blues Dance community and danced, which was wonderfully energizing, even if I was up a bit late the night before our presentation. :slight_smile:
  • Admitted to lots of charm devs that I am the one responsible for their framework problems.
  • Helped present 6+ month roadmap with Penny.
  • Reviewed and merged a few PRs and issues.
  • Discussed the future of charms and juju with people smarter than me.