Framework Team Updates - Week #17 2022

@pengale @rwcarlsen @pedroleaoc @jnsgruk

Add this week’s updates here.

  • Addressed lots of reviews on test harness storage mounts PR it’s finished now and could be merged any moment…
  • A bit more work on Pebble timestamp trimming (getting close).
  • Prep’d for sprint
  • Roadmap planning for the 22.10 cycle.
  • Proposed a pr checklist for the ops framework
  • Pushed a PR to update the ops test charm to support metadata v2
    • Adds bases.
    • Drops deprecated fields.
    • The latter fields were neither explicitly used by framework objects nor verified by its tests, making this a smaller task than expected. Perfect for sneaking in before a planning Sprint. :slight_smile:
  • Went over some docs issues and questions w/ @tmihoc
  • Various reviews, contributions to Mattermost threads, meetings, etc.
  • Created “OP17 - Host inspection from the charm” spec, which supersedes the “metadata v2 support” spec.
  • Started typing ops core. Added some simple hints to Framework to make the charmer’s life a bit easier.
  • Introduced pyright static type checking env and CI plumbing; started to port
  • Wrote and prototyped an idea on how to rework the big ‘relations databags’ interface picture to make it feel more talkable.
  • Joined in a community workshop about agreeing on a checklist for publishing a charm.
  • Joined in a brainstorm about Onboarding module 3 (we’re going to develop an assignment-testing bundle which our guinea pigs will have to debug as an exercise)
  • Specced an idea about how to easily generate tester charms for ‘the other side’ of a relation interface you wish your charm to integrate with.
  • Initiated conversations with a potential new charmer - people from the QGIS community.