Framework Team Updates - Week #13 2022

Add this week’s updates here. @ppasotti, @pengale, @pedroleaoc, @jnsgruk

  • Changed the way Discourse looks to make things easier to find through categories
  • Created a topic page for the Charm Tech team [not yet published]
  • published a little script to visualize relation databags Visualizing relation databags for development and debugging
  • talked to Michele and Simon about the traefik-route charm, turns out it’s more complex than my design initially allowed for given the freedom in configuring Traefik that the router allows. Worked on a new design, for now on paper, on Monday I’ll drop it in the spec doc.
  • gave another iteration to the itests for loki
  • probably found a big fat bug in traefik-k8s
  • joined in:
    • two charmed Legend meetings
    • community workshop
    • Radisys workshop with @pengale
  • Reviewed/iterated on recursive push/pull spec with Ben. Should be more ready for G now.
  • Worked on resolving leadership harness confusion via PR #733
  • Reworked the log-trimming PR in pebble based on feedback from G. Still more work to do though.
  • Updated ops version in charmcraft.
  • Quite a lot of interview work this week.
  • On the prowl for a charm to own. Thinking possibly something HPC-related (e.g. lustre).
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  • Published the Rolling Ops library and made a PR integrating it with the Kafka charm.
  • Planned and ran a “Charming 101” Workshop
  • Took a first pass at a hedgedoc charm (still a work in progress)
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You should talk to @Heitor and @jamesbeedy about integration with SLURM then. They maintain the charms for slurm today.