Framework Team Updates - Week #12 2022

Add this week’s updates here. @ppasotti, @pengale, @pedroleaoc, @jnsgruk

This week, I …

  • Revised and published an explainer doc on deferring events
  • Took Tuesday off to celebrate my kiddo’s birthday :slight_smile:
  • Wrote a spec and prototyped a library to address one of the “deferrer’s dilemmas” outlined in the above doc. (Note that @manadart’s solution is probably better.)
  • Wrote tests (not yet pushed publicly) to expose failure modes in the above approach.
  • Organized our Jira board, so that it nicely reflects plans for the 22.10 cycle.
  • Prepped (with @ppasotti ), a 1.4.0 release of the framework. It’s currently scheduled for a release next Monday. :slight_smile:
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