Framework Team Updates - Week #10 2022

Add this week’s updates here. @ppasotti, @pengale, @jnsgruk

This week I:

  • Implemented a graph-compliant event simulator and wrote a post about it.
  • Attended a Charmed Legend standup and started to get a feeling of what they are up to and how I can help. I will try to join as regularly as I can.
  • Passed the ball to Teodora wrt the statuses reference. She’ll take it further and integrate it with the existing documentation (we identified a bunch of things that can be improved with that).
  • Will attend a community workshop on the juju dashboard, which I haven’t seen yet ( :slight_smile: )
  • Started to work on this feature, which is pretty complex. Started hacking around, initial goal is to have a semi-backwards-compatible version without SDI and version negotiation, and json instead of yaml for the serialized data exchange. Also considering whether instead of sharing a per-unit address, the traefik charm could share a template enabling the consumer to fill in the blanks. Same info, less data, no need for nested data structures. Made some good progress today, the Provider part is 95% done (just making sure the test passes), the requirer should be also fast now that I understand what’s going on. After that we can sit together with Michele and understand how we can simplify. I had an initial conversation with him and he’s adamant that he wants no API changes, but if that means that we have to keep that yaml stuff, or whether we can flatten that data structure and compress it a bit… we’ll see. Anyhow I’m confident it’s not too much work left. Only the tests as they are are very basic so in my refactoring I’m probably missing loads of edge cases that I’m not sure how to test. The code is easier to go through however, so I’m sure a thorough review from expert eyes will do. And if we manage to simplify the two-phase handshake to a single ‘fire and forget’ way of working, we might even be able to test a lot more. Right now the harness makes it pretty hard to implement all that event-back-and-forth back and forth.