Flask app makes juju event loop hang?

I am just now embarking on trying to juju charm an application called Apache Superset… it runs on flask. reason I’m asking for help is when I start the flask run … juju seems to hang… even if I try to add things like

nohup <flask run command> &

my hooks/start looks likeso

status-set waiting "(start) about to superset run"
superset run --host --port 8088 --with-threads --reload --debugger
status-set waiting "(start) started apache superset"

my juju status

App              Version  Status   Scale  Charm            Store     Channel  Rev  OS      Message
apache-superset           waiting      1  apache-superset  local                2  ubuntu  (start) about to superset run

the weird thing is… the app runs ONLY when I don’t try the nohup & or & trick… anyone seem similar things stopping juju before? Thanks

I’ve published the charm… but if anyone has any feedback in general on this charm by all means let me know


My next plan is to try to see how to get this showing up on the charm hub website… haven’t seen anything explain that yet but hadn’t googled hard enough perhaps