Filebeat subordinate charm: use with existing Elastic/Logstash


i deployed a ubuntu VM and added a filebeat client: my target was to use it with existing Elastic and Logstash infra. At the moment the charm is stuck waiting for elasticsearch, logstash or kafka charms, which are out of juju control. Is there a way to mark the relation clean/down and inject the configuration it expects somehow? for instance inject elastic.mydomain:9200 as target for the filebeat agent.

Thank you

App       Version  Status   Scale  Charm     Channel  Rev  Exposed  Message
filebeat  6.8.23   waiting      1  filebeat             1  no       Waiting for: elasticsearch, logstash or kafka.
ubuntu    20.04    active       1  ubuntu               1  no

Unit           Workload  Agent  Machine  Public address  Ports  Message
ubuntu/1*      active    idle   1
  filebeat/1*  waiting   idle             Waiting for: elasticsearch, logstash or kafka.