External networking, unable to ping router

Hello all, I have set bond0 in bridge-interface-mappings option of the ovn-chassis charm and successfully roll out a deployment. I then go from the horizon and to an external network. In the projects I noticed there are two admin projects, one has description “Bootstrap project for initialising the cloud” and the other “Created by Juju”. I have tried choosing both of them and adding an external network on a VLAN under the bond (I have configured it as such in MAAS) but after creating a rooter also I am unable to ping its IP.

What has gone south here ? I don’t see an errors in the neutron charm logs

Could anyone suggest at least where which logs to notice in order to find out more ?

@fnordahl Might be able to assist.

Hello @manadart, thanks for suggesting someone to help. I logged in to horizon and managed to identify the correct admin project and it was not the Bootstrap one.

I am now able to add external networks with VLAN IDs and all is good.

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